Welcome to the Arizona Friends of Homeless Website!

AFOH is a non-profit, charitable organization serving the greater Phoenix metro area and Arizona statewide.

AFOH’s mission is to provide services, resources, and a dose of kindness to the local homeless population in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona. This is accomplished via local outreach, social media, and our projects.

AFOH is also an information hub for those interested in finding and supporting outreach efforts in Arizona. In addition, AFOH organizes, supports, and works with other organizations, groups, and individuals to give the homeless of Arizona the support they need every day on the street. Many hands make light work.

AFOH Valley Outreach

Arizona Friends of Homeless provides donated goods and services for those experiencing homelessness at various locations in the Valley: Central Phoenix, Glendale, Sunnyslope, Chavez Park, Avondale, Tempe, and Mesa

Bikes & Teddy Bears Project

AFOH's initial project, to bring mobility and a smile to those in need.
We gladly accept and provide donations of both!